Saturday, August 16, 2008


After I stunk up Raw Nationals with my deadlift (or lack there of), I haven't really pulled since... I am feeling very stuck, I am really no stronger now then I was in February. That is a little depressing. So I met up with Maura for my first night back pulling. Because I am feeling so lost in regards to deadlift, I kept it all real simple. Here is how it all went down...

Conventional Deadlift
~I was going to pull some sumo, but it was a busy night at The Press on the deadlift platforms. I called it quits a little early...

Romanian Deadlift
~Double overhand grip. I am not sure if these are as taxing on the CNS as regular deadlift.

Ham-Glute Machine
~I haven't done this movement for a while, this machine is a killer!

I might need a different night for deadlifting... I certainly need a different approach. I just don't know how to pull heavy without over doing it.


Todd said...


Where did you get stuck in the deadlift at Nationals? Starting, middle, or end?

I'm coming from an Olympic Weightlifting background, but I can tell you what helped myself and others when we needed to strengthen varies ranges of our clean pull (or as powerlifters would say a fast deadlift).

Do you use a hook grip when you dead?

Do you use straps for training at all? An awful lot of European lifters routinely use straps until about 2-3 weeks before a meet. One, to save on the hands. Two, this does seem to help stave off CNS issues from overtaxing the grip.


Start problems:

Deadlifts off a 2-4 inch platform. This can really help the starting strength if that is an issue. However, this does alter technique, so don't overuse it or you might get out of the groove. Also, isometric holds can be employed to overload specific areas for attention.

Middle strength:

Pulls from the pins or block deadlifts. We routinely used 100-125% over our best squat clean depending on where our coach saw a power drop off during the clean pull phase. below the knee, about the knee and middle thigh are all good areas to look at.

End Strength:

Nothing beats pulls from the pins set at just a little bit below lockout. Power shrugs are another good tool to use for variety.

Now the kicker... When doing any kind of assistance work that mimics the competition lift you have to have exact positioning to strengthen the right muscles. It's easy to get greedy when using 100+% weights in the rack and train a different groove.

Anyways, that's off the top of my head. I'm an avid reader of Rifs and Tracys blog and noticed that you and your husband are from Little Canada. I'm from Apple Valley. Minnesota rules!


fawn said...

Hi Todd,
Wow, thanks for all the thoughtful advice! I would love to learn Oly weight lifting.

My problem with my DL is off the floor. If I can break the floor, I got the lift.

I pull sumo. I did one cycle of pulling off a block... 35lb Plates actually, in a sumo stance.

That is an interesting thing about the straps... I never lift with straps... maybe I will start, I do own some straps.

Assistance work that mimics my sticking point... I am going to say double kettlebell swings. That is the suggestion from Mark Reifkind. It was also a suggestion from Ellen Stein. We will have to see how that works for me.

Thanks Todd. I agree, Minnesota rules.