Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just kettlebells

Today is going to be day 3 of I-Phase. Lots of information. Yesterday we spent quite a lot of time working on ankle, knee and hip drills. I have to say it was a little too much Z drills for me... or maybe too much sitting. By 6pm yesterday I was cooked... lucky for me my kettlebell students talked me into doing a special class on Friday night because there will be no class on Saturday while I am learning how to be a better trainer. Here is what I did...

Swing - Clean - FSQ - PP - NP
16kg; pyramid Left/Right 1-5-1
~I love this combo... but this pyramid was killer!

Renegade Row
12/12kg X10X3

16kg 8X3

Bulgarian Split Squats
12/12kg 5X3



Christine said...

Never thought of doing pyramids. I think I will try it! Thanks Fawn...

fawn said...

Pyramids are killer... we didn't put the bell down!