Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kb's, bench, Kb's...

I am trying to record all training... I suppose I need to include my asana practice, and not just the classes. Here is what I remember from the last few days...

20 minutes standing asana

Some kettlebell swings and snatches...
It was a variety day 20kg a few snatches and swings, I cleaned the 24kg a few times. I had a good sized class, so lots of light 12kg snatches and swings.
Some other stuff...

20 minutes standing asana

Kettlebell work
Variety, nothing heavy

Bench Press
~Challenging but doable


Kettlebell variety work

Maura is off to bench press nationals. The holiday weekend is coming up... it is going to goof up my training schedule.


Jwood said...

Great job with I phase i was going to go to the one in Denver (10 mins from house)But got an invite to ASsesit at the RKC so I know have to wait till Nov and go to Cali.... How do the eye tests help your lifting? Lets talk before I go.

fawn said...

Hello Mr Wood!
We did a lot of visual and vestibular testing practice in class, but I didn't feel like I got a consistent positive test, so I don't have a corrective eye position yet.

As far as eye position that facilitates flexion and extension... I already do that naturally in lifting. Now I understand how and why it works and I no longer feel like I am doing something wrong when I throw my head back when I pull.

I plan on doing much more with eye positioning and lifting... I will post my findings on my blog.

Mike T Nelson said...

The eye work can be a great benefit.

Fawn, have you had someone test your hamstrings (at min) with your head back in the DL to make sure you are not getting an arthrokinetic reflex (jammed joint in the neck) that shuts down the hamstrings?

Just curious.

Congrats on the RKC assist J Wood.
Rock on!
Mike N

fawn said...

I don't know how that hamstring test could be done... I feel my hamstrings firing, I see them contract in my videos, sometimes they are sore the next day...

That straight spine advice doesn't work for me, it feels awful and I can't move as much weight.

Mike T Nelson said...

It is an easy test,

Stand with a long spine, muscle test the hamstring

Stand in Fawn DL stance/head position--muscle test the hamstring again.

Just curious on what you find.

Some can tolerate a less than neutral head position just fine, but most can't and will see some hamstring shut down. Again, it depends on each person's neurology, so test it.

It is free country and you can DL however you want in the end!

Rock on
Mike N

fawn said...

The next time you make it down for deadlift night we will have to try the hamstring test. I am curious too. I am stuck at 285lbs. I am willing to do just about anything to break 300.

Ellen Stein said...

stop deadlifting so much-you're stressing yourself out- you haven't even been lifting for a year-you're over analyzing-just relax and it will come-it took me a year to get over 300 (and that was with gear) but once I did I never looked back-then it was onward and upward to 400!