Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday Night KB Class

I am recording all training I participate in now. I didn't record any of the training I did with my KB class before Raw National, but because there is an over training issue I need to work out I am will disclose everything...

There is a special Ladder/Reverse Latter exercise my class loves. I decided to work hard in an I go/You go style...

Double 16kgs
12 Double Swings/1 Double Punisher
11 Double Swings/ 2 Double Punishers
10 Double Swings/ 3 Double Punishers
And so on until we reached 1 Double Swing and 12 Double Punishers

This is the workout I am going to submit to Pavel for his book.

I also did some swings and snatches with the 12kg with my 4pm class. I did a few lunges with the 7pm class. Neither were taxing at all. The Doubles workout was a little on the taxing side, just because I really had to move fast just to keep the rest time short for my class.

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