Friday, August 22, 2008

Z-Health I-Phase

Thursday was the first day of I-Phase. Dr. Cobb is magic... he really is a special person. There is a certain talent required to do Z effectively, I can't really tell if I have it naturally or if I need to cultivate it... but Dr. Cobb has the touch. Just being around him is inspiring. He definitely has a gift for movement.

I secured a seat between Dr. Jim Ryan and Mike Nelson. Jim is a DC, and a very good body worker. Mike is scary smart. I got the best seat in the house. I need to be close to all the smarts I can. I am at a huge disadvantage being a college drop out, and largely self educated in regards to movement. We are doing mirror imaging drills, thank god I know the vocab... unfortunately abduction, adduction, flexion, extension are just as difficult as left, right, north, south... Doing mirror imaging drills is the same as when I navigate when Aaron is driving. I can see in my mind's eye what direction is needed, but the only word that comes is "turn"! or in the case of Z "Bend". LOL!

I managed to get a little workout with my class last night...

Single hand swing pyramid 5-10-5 with 20kg
Snatch pyramid 1-3-1 16kg X 3
Bear Crawls
Front Squat
Double OH Press 12, 16, 12 - 5 reps, my arms are still wore out from Wednesday's bench training.

Today is day 2 of Z. Lots of fun, but lots of sitting too, which I am not used to... it gives me a bad gate, LOL!

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Mike T Nelson said...

You did awesome at I Phase Fawn!! I am so excited to see all the super cool things you will be doing with your athletes now!
Whooo ha!
Rock on
Mike N