Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Board Presses

Rif has been on me to do some board presses for months now. When I saw him at the RKC weekend he would hear none of my whining about how my deadlift is stale because I only cherry pick his advice. Now Ellen Stein is telling me to do board presses... wellat the risk of pissing off two accomplished lifters and getting no more advice I finally gave it a shot tonight. Here is how it all went down...

Closer Grip 2 Board Press
~I actually used my Z Health half foam roller, which is about a 2 boards thick. Wow, this was much easier on my shoulders. I think I like board presses.

16kgs 3L/3R
~Not my usual squat style... I am trying to learn the new tgu. I am not sure I really get it. Maybe I am doing it wrong...

~I just couldn't gut out that last one.


Maura said...

Great work Fawn! I think you will definitely see some improvement from boards!


Mark Reifkind said...

lol, you kill me fawn. if you like foam roller presses you will like 2x4 board presses even more; the bar doesnt sink in at all.board presses rock.keep going.
remember the idea of box squats as your main squat move
take 65% of your best comp squat and use that as your weight
12 sets of 2 with 45 sec rest/sets.if it's too easy drape one set of 40 lb chains on each side( NOT bands, yet)

have fun!

fawn said...

Thanks Maura! It was really nice having Monolift training with us tonight.

I am reading through the assigned WSBB articles. I am determined to get a 300lb DL before the end of 2008. Cripes... I am only 15lbs away!

Ellen Stein said...


Christine said...

I love reading how you are progressing! Quite an inspiration!

fawn said...

Ellen, you LOVE to tell me so! Fine by me... I just want big numbers.

Christine, I have lots of room for improvement, which will ensure lots of future reading material.

Tracy Reifkind said...


It's hard forcing myself to do the stuff I'm not good at, evidence by the fact that I don't strict press (that's changing BTW), but when I dread a particular yoga pose, whining to myself everytime I have to do it, until I remind myself that I can change how I feel about it by changing my thoughts.

Many times my most dreaded poses turn into favorites.

fawn said...

I suck at strict presses too, however, I have a special dislike for the bench press... there has to be a lesson somewhere.

Mike T Nelson said...

Glad to hear your shoulders are better on that movement.

It is great that you have some many experienced, willing people to help you out. Awesome.

In the end you must decide what works best for you.

Personally thanks to some great advice I got, I found by testing my movement I was able to "custom" the advice to myself. If an exercise made my movement worse, I would not do it and find something else. If my movement was better, than I am on the right track.

Rock on
Mike N

Mark Reifkind said...


the lesson will be learing to get stronger. on the lifts you are already strong at it's hard to learn how to get stronger. on a lift there is very little to start with( not in MY opinion, yours) the progress when the right workout( and attitude) is found is dramatic.then you apply it to your better lifts and things really take off.

Boris said...

Board presses really do rock. I'm sure you will grow to love them.

fawn said...

I watched at least a dozen of your you tube videos trying to figure out good mornings and box squats. I couldn't have figured it out otherwise! Thanks!

fawn said...

Thanks for the customizing idea! That was very helpful, and I am paying much closer attention to the condition I am in after a lift.

I am a little more thick headed than you... I give an exercise 3 chances to improve my movement before I chuck it.