Friday, September 26, 2008

Dynamic Lifts

Maura and I met up for our usual Friday night workout. We had to make it quick, because we wanted to catch the Presidential debates. I am trying some new things in an effort to break through a plateau in the deadlift. Maura's friend Paul brought his bands so, I gave bands a shot for the first time.

Box Squats with Bands

Bar/2-55lb Bands - 3,3,3
65lbs/2-55lb Bands - 2X12

~Rif warned me not to try bands yet... but Paul was there, he knew how to set them up, so, I though I would take advantage of his knowledge. The bands took a little getting used to... but after I got the hang of them I really liked bands! I probabaly could have gone with a little more band tension and a little heavier weight. The bar rode up higher on my shoulders, which was wierd.

Good Mornings

Romanian Deadlifts



Ham-Glute Machine


Mark Reifkind said...

bands are great, don't get me wrong. but as you saw, they are tough to get used to. will definitely make you strong and fast. tougher on the csn than chains. have fun

fawn said...

After I saw you last weekend, I decided I really needed to work toward putting together a dynamic day and max effort day.

It is intimidating for me... I don't know how to use bands or chains... I have only scene them used a few times. I'm not even certain about my form in the new lifts.

I read the WSBB articles, which were helpful... I also watched a lot of you tube videos. I didn't know how else to figure out how all those crazy lifts work!

I just sent in my entry for a meet on November 8. Competing is one of the best things that has happened to me. Competing makes training meaningful of otherwise training aimlessly. I have learned so much. But I am greedy and competitive, I want to improve with every meet.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Wow bands .. very cool .. too bad you didn't shoot a vid.

Funny how independently I just read all the WSB dead-lift articles as well. Great stuff! (I tried chains today with success.)

I know you are going to bust through .. keep up the great work!

fawn said...

Thanks Franklin! Yep, WSB is good stuff.

Mike T Nelson said...

I've used bands a bit and currently I am using chains a fair amount for bench and DL as they test really well and my sticking point is about half way on both lifts.

Be careful about making too many changes since you won't know which direction to adjust.

Rock on
Mike N

Mark Reifkind said...

novemener 8 does not leave a lot of time to learn and train wsb system. we may have to rethink this is you want to compete again right need at least six weeks to peak for a meet.

fawn said...

Mark... What would be the best plan of action?