Monday, September 22, 2008

Low Energy Squats

My great aunt died last week. She lived to be almost 99 years old. She was a feisty, good hearted old lady who was mentally sharp up to the very end. She wasn't afraid to die and bravely passed on to the next stage existence free of fear. Aaron and I went to her funeral this morning, which was very draining for me. I couldn't miss squats, but I did scale it back a little. Here is how it all went down.

Back Squat
~I probably could have gut out something heavier... it just didn't feel right. I worked on hitting depth without going too deep or too high.

Box Squats
~Good stuff

~still hate abs


Ellen Stein said...

so sorry for your loss-you were very lucky to have her for so long-my favorite aunt is 81 and I hope she will be around for another 18 years!

Ellen Stein said...

also can't believe you squatted the day after deadlifting...light or not.

fawn said...

Thanks Ellen... deadlifts were Friday, I just didn't get it together enough to write about it until the other day. I even did some close grip bench presses on Sunday. Felt great!

Franz Snideman said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt!

That is never an easy thing!

195 x 2 is nice!

Keep it up Fawn!

fawn said...

Thanks Franz! I love squats!

Jim Ryan aka AikiBudo said...

Sorry to hear about the death of your aunt, Fawn. Death well met is a blessing, although sad for those left behind.

Squat Therapy sounds like a good prescription for dealing with the passage of a family member.

fawn said...

Thanks Jim! Squats do cheer me up... is that weird?

Jim Ryan aka AikiBudo said...

Hey Fawn, they're not illegal, immoral or unhealthy so yeah, I guess that IS weird, since most people seem to resort to harming themselves as a form of comfort - strange but then most of the habits we form are rarely based on rationality.

So count your blessings, you do healthy things for yourself!