Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taking it easy...

I didn't do much for training over the holiday weekend. My energy was low, I may have been fighting off illness I can't tell for sure. My training partner, Maura Shuttleworth was out of town in Charlotte NC at bench press nationals. Taking some time off felt like the right thing to do. I kept my training in the realm of Z and yoga asana. Nothing stressful. Lots of couch time.

I did a few swings and snatches with my class tonight. I finally actually felt like working out, and it felt great. I did a bunch of single hand swings and snatches with the 20kg.

Tomorrow is squats, which I missed on Monday... I can't wait!


KBMarty said...

Good luck with your squats, Fawn! I'll be interested to find out how it goes.

fawn said...

Thanks Marty! Squat is my lift... so I almost always feel like squatting!