Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yoga and Squats

It is always a real treat to get some direct guidance... Wednesday morning is my yoga class with William. Training my yoga practice with William has a draw back... now that I have worked with a world class instructor like William, most other yoga classes are a big joke to me. William is actually the person who inspired me to teach movement.

Yoga Class
We worked on back bends... Specifically anchoring the femurs into the hips without squeezing the SI's or tensing the groin. More about this latter.

Squat Training

Back Squat
~Squats felt great. I was scheduled to do 205lbs, but I backed off just a little. I have decided not to compete in the TCO after all. I am gearing up for Hudson instead.

Box Squats
~Felt great, 155 was easy.

Yep, I still hate abs.


KBMarty said...

Way to go Fawn. Nice job on the squats.

fawn said...

Thanks Marty! 200lbs is a psychological barrier.

Ellen Stein said...

Glad you made that interim set 165 and not 155-you might want to jump to 175 next time and work towards jumping straight to 185-then go 205so you can break that 200 barrier....and never look back-you can do it.

fawn said...

I have squat 240lbs in the gym... and 231 in a meet. It's doing more than one rep with over 200lbs that I just don't like to do... I swear it is psychological. I will try doing bigger jumps, that would make much more sense. Plus that is how it goes in a meet.