Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bench Press Night

I had a great start to my Wednesday with William's yoga class. We did lots of back bends, which I have neglected lately. Back bends always make me feel great, and give me a ton of energy!

After yoga class, I met up with fellow RKC Michael Rendle. I feel so lucky to live in a community of kettlebell enthusiasts who are eager and willing to share information. Mike and I spent the morning chit chatting about training, business, and all things kettlebell.

I had a couple classes to teach, then it was my turn to train hard. It is Wednesday, which means bench press day for me and my training partner Maura Shuttleworth. Paul Balyeat also showed up to do hand offs for us. Paul is very knowledgable and has a good eye and Maura and I are happy to have him around. Here is how it all went down for me...

Bench Press
2 Board
~My shoulders were not feeling the greatest... no pain but I was fatigued going into training. The more I presses the better I felt.

Pull-ups and Chin-ups
~I switched it up my grip and I used Paul Olympic rings. Good stuff!

Reverse Rows
~I used the rings for this.

OH Presses with Kettlebell
16kg - 5/5X3

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