Monday, October 13, 2008

KB's with the Jasons and Squat Training

I had the honor of having Jason Marshall of Lone Star Kettlebells and Jason Woods of How do you Move, join me for some kettlebell fun at The Press Gym this morning. How lucky am I??? I got the guys to put me through some of the FMS screens, I learned and practiced the new and improved TGU, Jason M showed me a way cool jump rope drill to work the bent press. It was a general exchange of ideas... well, mostly me stealing there ideas.

Jason Marshall is going to go far in the RKC. He naturally a very good coach, and has a quiet enthusiasm. Is able to recognize a good thing and apply it appropriately. He has the coolest looking kettlebell t-shirts (he gave me one for Aaron). Plus, he is just a nice guy.

Jason Woods is full of enthusiasm... you can't help but want to try what ever it is he telling you about. He is experimental and open minded regarding movement, which makes him a fun guy to train with. He has a natural talent for Z-Health and is great at applying it.

I am glad I had a few hours to chill out before it was time for me to do my squat training. Marua and I met up with Paul for squats tonight. Here is how it all went down...

Back Squats
~Felt great! Worked on keeping tight in the hole and chest up as suggested by Paul.

~This is the 4th of 4... just something to look at.

Box Squats with 55lb bands
~Oops, I over estimated my squat power and got stapled to the box! Maura had to get Paul from the other room to come help me off the box, LOL! After an appropriate weight adjustment squats were challenging and explosive. The fear of possibility getting stuck again gave me explosive power.

Heavy Walkouts
225, 245, 265

A little bit of abs.


Iron Tamer said...

Jumprope drill for the bent press?

Wonder where he got that?

fawn said...

Oh yah, that is a way cool drill Dave, maybe Jason will show it to you next time. Just kidding! He said he learned it from you. In fact, he said to be sure to credit you for that one because he is afraid of getting a dead leg.

Phil Scarito said...


Your such a bad ass. Wish I was able to make it to your place. I had an early flight. I will be there in April though. I have a shirt for you as well.

more Utube videos will be up next week.


fawn said...

I saw Dustin with one of your shirts, I was a little jealous... well I am looking forward to April!

Maura said...

At least I know when to go get more help. LOL!

fawn said...

I don't know what I would have done without you! I can't believe I thought I could squat all that weight!

Jason Marshall said...

It was awesome seeing you again as well! Great gym, by the way! Thanks so much for allowing me to check it out and hang out for awhile! That's what makes the RKC community so awesome! Thanks for the compliments and take care!

And thanks for clearing that up with Dave!!!

I totally told her that was your drill, Dave....Promise!!!


Jennifer said...

I'll bet there was some energy flowing with you three together! I'm definitely jealous.

Jennifer said...

For whatever reason I can't get your email go work. If you'll drop me a note, I'll reply and attach my pics with/of you and Aaron from this weekend.

fawn said...

Anytime you are in town, you are welcome at my gym. I hope our paths cross again soon.

It was so nice to meet you in person! I will have Aaron send you some photos as well. My e-mail is