Monday, October 20, 2008

Squat Training

Maura and I met up for our second to last squat workout before the big meet on November 8. I am feeling really good about how squat training has been going. Here is how it all went down tonight...

Back Squat
~This is the best 215lbs ever felt! Ellen, I know my knees look weird, I can't help it. Any who, here is a little something to make my blog interesting; First set of 2 at 215lbs.

Foam Box Sqauts
~Might have been a little light... worked on keeping my chest up, staying tight and exploding off the box.

Bulgarian Split Squats
16/16kg Kettlebells
5L/5RX5 Sets

~I started getting a butt cramp on the last two sets.


Adam said...

LOL Fawn you squat heavier than 99% of the men i have seen in the gym this year. You ladies are 100% ass kicker. Awesome work.

When is your meet?

fawn said...

Thanks Adam! Squat is my lift. Big butt, short legs finally pays off! LOL! The meet is in Hudson November 8. Boarder War! Fun stuff!

Max Shank said...

Strong work!

fawn said...

Thanks for stopping by Max!