Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bench Press...

It is known by everyone how pathetic my bench press is. It is, by far, my weakest lift. How can I bury a double body weight squat and still not be able to press my body weight even once? My case is so sad, Mike Siegler took pity on me and gave me a bench press lesson on Sunday. I have added a couple new strategies to this troubled lift.

The cycle I trained before Hudson had lots of missed training time in the bench press department due to sick shoulders. I have some catching up to do, here is how it went down for me tonight...

Bench Press
~My plan for this cycle is to work with reps of 3 in an effort to keep my shoulders healthy. The presses at 95lbs were done with a pause, which was challenging, but very doable. The board presses with 105 felt good. I kind of feel like this is cheating, but I have been assured by many lifters this is the way to go if I want to get stronger. Shoulders felt fine tonight.

Face Pulls
~I feel like I need this movement to counter act all the internal rotation of the bench press.

DB Floor Press
~Triceps work... I think this might be a weak link.

My plan was to include some over head presses, windmills and pull-ups, but I just got too tired. I actually did some double over head presses with my class earlier. I will do the windmills and pull-ups today sometime.


Melissa Byers said...

A. What's a "face pull", please?

B. You're getting lots of love from my blog AND the CrossFit Boards - your squat post has been linked to a few times. After reading your posts and visiting your web site, I am seriously considering moving to MN.

Mike T Nelson said...

Hi there Fawn!

I am sure you have tried this, but sometimes I forget the easy stuff myself---have you tried much Z Health SAID specific work for the bench? I've found that Z bent arm cross body shoulder circles and wrist circles (done on the bench at my normal sticky point) to help quite a bit.

If tris are still weak, it would be worth playing around with an eyes up position to facilitate extension ala Z Health I Phase if you have not already (yes, I totally understand that virtually no one does this, but it is worth a try). Has your eyes (PREP) been normal lately?

I hope to be back at DL night a few times in Dec.

Rock on!!
Mike N

fawn said...

I am more than a little flattered! Wow, thank you for the compliments! If you ever find yourself in my neighborhood, you have a standing invitation with me at The Press Gym.

fawn said...

I already goof around with eye positions... including eyes up, and following the bar with my eyes. I can't say I have noticed a difference.

No to the PREP test. Which may explain no difference regarding eye positions on the bench press.

Why cross body shoulder circles?

We would love to see you anytime on deadlift night!

Mike T Nelson said...

Cool! I am hoping to make a few DL party nights in Dec perhaps. My dissertation study just got approved the other day, so lots and lots to get done with that and I am off to the Z Health Master Trainer live event in early Jan; so Dec will be nuts (lots of prep for that too).

My standard DL is starting to test better now and I pulled 405 pretty easily on a trap bar DL last night.

Rock on
Mike N

Joe Pavel said...

Hi Fawn,
How about one of my favorites, the close grip bench press. It would take the stress off your shoulders and make your tri's STRONG all at the same time.

fawn said...

Close grip bench is an excellent idea! I will add that in on Sundays light bench day. Thanks for reminding me about that lift!

Ellen Stein said...

Uh hello???? did I not just come back from Eric Cressey who made me do my whole bench cycle close gripped???? And did I not have a better bench than I had hoped for? And did my shoulders not bother me?

fawn said...

I am like Homer Simpson... if I learn too much I forget things I already know. Joe reminded me about Close Grip, I remember who told me about them first.

Melissa Byers said...


Thought you might get a kick out of this. You inspire me!!!

Maura said...

Fawn -

I agree that close grips would help your bench.

Ellen -

What if you are someone with strong triceps and a sticking point off the chest??