Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hudson Natural Open Powerlifting Meet

Border Battle Winners!
Team Minnesota

This is meet number 3 for me. Here is how it all went down...

I had to do a little dieting because I no longer walk around at 121lbs any more. I usually weigh in around 125lbs. There is no way I am going to compete in the 132's, so I have to reign it in when I compete. This is good for me on a couple levels. It keeps me from running wild in the weight department and it teaches me compassion for people who have to change their diets to lose weight. I was on a no treat, no corn chip, no booze diet for the past week. I weighed in at 121.5 this morning and I am about 121 now. So, not bad.

Squat was my main focus since Raw Nationals. I goofed up my last attempt on the squat at a meet and was stuck with 226lbs, when my plan was to nail 242lbs. Today I nailed 240lbs, no problem! American Record for the Women's Raw 123lbs class!

~Here is 240lbs on my third attempt.

Bench press is nap time for me. I don't like this lift, I am not good at it, and I guess I don't care about it that much. I do care a little because I do train the lift. I might like it more if I didn't suck at it. For now I try to use this time to recover and get ready for the Deadlift. Any way... 105 flew up no problem, but 115 was a no go. So, I was stuck with 105lbs.

Deadlift, the last lift of the meet. I used to love this lift... now it is a point of frustration. A year ago in September I competed in my first TSC and pulled 260lbs. The meet I did in February I pulled 281. I pulled 285 in the gym in May. Now I feel like I am hit and miss on this lift. My sticking point is off the floor. If I can break the floor, I can nail the lift.

I opened with 260, the bar flew up, no problem. My plan was to go for 285 on my second, but I backed down to 280 because I was feeling low on energy and I didn't want to get stuck with 260. Well, 280lbs flew up. It was probably my strongest 280 pull ever. I placed my third attempt at 290 for a pr... well, I missed the lift. I made the mistake of watching the two people before me miss their lifts. My brother-in-law pointed this out. Oops. The second problem was the fact that I just ran out of gas... I will write more about the dynamic of competing and meets.

~Here is my second attempt at 280

My total was 625lbs and I took first place in the Women's Raw division. I had a great time and learn a lot!


Katie, KettlebellKate said...

Yahoooo! Congratulations, Fawn! I've been holding my breath for like 72 hours not wanting to upset the balance of concentration and fun expectation of meet results. That 280 just jumped into your palms and obeyed you. And the squat solid strong. I dig the no-gear idea of lifting weights. You totally rock!-Kate

Joe Pavel said...

Nice job Fawn! I knew you would kick some booty. Way to go on the records!

fawn said...

So Katie,
When will you be doing a meet? You are crazy strong...

I will gear-free for now. Gear it just too much work. However, I am getting curious about it... I might try Maura's gear.

fawn said...

Thanks Joe! I am doing my best to put the kettlebell mark on the world of powerlifting. Thanks for your support!

Franklin said...

Yes!! .. A national record and a 1st place. (All the hard work and diligent training is paying big dividends.)


fawn said...

Thanks Franklin!
Meets are tough, and getting first is a nice reward.

I do hold a national record... but I set an American record. National records can only be set at National Meets.

American Records can be set at local meets, but you have to have three National judges sitting. Aaron wrote a little about that on his blog.

National judges are tougher... notice the guy with the white hair leaning in to make sure I hit depth.