Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mini FMS

Brett Jones is putting on a day and half FMS Workshop in Minneapolis. I really wanted to do the DD 4 day FMS, this little workshop fits in my little kettlebell business budget much better. I am thrilled.

We spent the day learning how to administer the screening. Tomorrow we will learn the corrective exercises. So far, FMS fits really nicely with my Z training. I even had a chance to chit chat with Mr. Jones a little about this very subject.

I also got to meet James Neidlinger, Spencer Bradford and Laura McCabe. They are three local kettlebell folks I haven't had the chance to meet yet! How lucky am I? James, Spenser and I were in a group practicing the assessments. Laura works at CES as a trainer/kettlebell instructor. Here are a couple shots of Brett, Spencer and James in action...

James N preforming the Rotary Stability test
I would call this a "3"

Brett Jones checking up on us... Spencer measures James' femurMe with Laura McCabe, another Yoga driven Kettlebeller


Mike T Nelson said...

Cool that you got to meet other friends of the KB! Tell James and Spencer hello from me.

I would be interested in what you learned at the FMS that you did not learn with Z.

Tell Brett hello also.

Rock on
Mike N

Taikei Matsushita said...

Spencer was assisting Franz in June 2007, had a few talks with him. He's a very passionate guy.

Evelyn Rodas said...

I followed Melissa B. over to your blog. Dear lord, you're a beast. I mean that as high flattery. She posted a photo of your 16kg pistol-kb sot press and I drooled. It inspired me to work on my pistols. Yeay, strong women!!!

fawn said...

I had a great time. I will tell you all about it.

Spencer is a great guy. You are right, very passionate.

Hey, nice looking blog yourself! Thanks for stopping by!

Melissa Byers said...


I had the privilege of training with Brett when he was at Iron Core in La Jolla. He is an amazing coach. Has he done his phone book trick for you yet? I hope you enjoy your seminar!


Jim Ryan DC, RKC, RI said...

If you need more 'guinea pig' work, let me know, I'd like to apply what I learned from the DVDs...

fawn said...

I have actually been lucky enough to meet Brett several times (I'm bragging, I know). Because I live in the heart of Dragon Door country Aaron and I go to almost every RKC Graduation workout. Brett is a stand-up guy and one of my favorite RKC Instructors. Brett did some card ripping at the end of the course... but I have not scene the phone book trick.

fawn said...

I would love to practice FMS on you! That would be the least I could do after you lent me your DVDs for so long. I should just buy my own. They were great! Plus, I think I need an adjustment... or maybe I just want an adjustment.