Monday, November 17, 2008

Squat Training, New Cycle

Anna White joined us for squats tonight, which is always a special treat. I wanted to post a picture of us because Anna was left out of the group photo from Hudson. She was busy giving a sample for a drug test when it was picture time. Anna placed second in the Women's Raw division. Anna is a great lifter with lots of potential and we love having her around.

Maura and I have been invited to lift at The Arnold Sports Festival. This is a huge honor, especially for me. The Arnold is March 6-8, so we have a few months to prepare. Today is our first day back at training. Here is how it all went down for me...

Back Squat


~Felt great! Weight flew up.

Front Squat 135X5X3 ~I need to work on FSQ's more. These felt heavier than I remember.

Bulgarian Split Squats

12/12kg kbs - 5/5
16/16kg kbs - 5/5

16/16kg kbs - 5/5

~I love this lift.

Ham-Glute Machine

abs. hate abs.


Melissa Byers said...


I watched the YouTube video of your pistol Sots press and HAD to post the link on my blog. I tried these today with a 10# dumbbell and found them plenty challenging. Your video is my inspiration to work up to a 12K.

Can I please link to your blog from mine? You've received a lot of attention for the video I've posted. I'm sure everyone would love to know who that kick-ass pistol belongs to!

Melissa Byers

fawn said...

Of course you can link my blog, it would be an honor! I see you are a cross-fit gal... something I would like to try in between PL meets. Nice blog, good stuff!

Taikei Matsushita said...

Even I know name "Arnold" is nothing related to "Different Strokes".

That's another huge step ahead. I may have said it few times, but lots of transformation in such a short period of time.

fawn said...

Isn't it crazy? I was just learning how to bench press a year ago...

Regarding the Arnold, I am very lucky to have been asked. The selection is made on a Wilks Formula. I had the lowest Wilks of the 9 selected. Only Raw lifters were selected, because Raw lifting is still new to the USAPL I didn't have a whole lot of competition. This may be the only chance I get to go to the Arnold, so I am extra excited about going.

There is no way I could have done this well without good coaching... Rid, Maura, Ellen, Aaron and Shawn have given me a huge advantage as a new lifter. I might have to blog about this topic...

Thanks for the complements Taikei!