Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Squat PR

Well, my training schedule is all goofed up because of the holidays and fun time. Wednesday night I did some work on the bench press, which I didn't bother to record, mainly because I am sick of typing the same tiny little numbers over and over again. I went out with a couple girls I went to high school with last night which caused me to miss deadlift night. Maura and I met up after my two Saturday kettlebell classes to train at 12 noon today. Maura was on deadlifts, I decided to squat today and save deadlifting for Monday... complicated, I know. Any whooo... here is how it went down for me.

Back Squat
245X1 - pr by 5lbs.
~This is another squat pr for me, only 5lbs. I can't believe how easy it felt, especially after all the greasy crap I ate last night (which left me with a stomach ache) and teaching two kettlebell classes. Mitch Edlestein gave me a spot, Cheryl Anderson and Maura Shuttleworth were there to cheer me on. It must be a combination of the creatine and being surrounded by strong people. Thanks guys! Here is something to look at, I am wearing my lucky red velour plants...

Box Squats w/Bands
monster mini bands - 70lbs each
55lb+bands - 5
105+bands - 3X8
~I really like box squats with bands. Really had to drive through a spot about 3/4 to lock out. Felt great, really like this lift. I think this might be my new favorite assistance lift...

James Neilinger stopped by to chit chat today, which was very nice. James is a great guy and I feel lucky to have him in the same town.


Aaron Friday said...

Nice squat, honey, and nice PR! Depth was good.

I need to ask Mitch where he got those pants.

Jennifer said...

Undoubtedly the red velour pants were just what you needed all along. :)
Isn't the body interesting as to how it doles out the good performances? Congrats!

fawn said...

Thanks Sugars!

The body is an amazing thing... I have been wanting to test my 1RM on squat since the Hudson meet. I learned the hard way that I can't go heavy too often or I will actually get weaker.

Melissa Byers said...


Thank you so much for your comment on my squat fail. This is a really new move for me, and I'm still getting use to the low bar position.

Question, if you have time... how can you tell that I'm losing tension at the bottom? And what can I do to maintain that? I do think about it (it's one of my cues, too), but apparently thinking it and my body responding to it are two different things.

You could send me an email through my blog, so I don't hijack yours any further. :) If my squat EVER gets to the point where it looks half as good as yours, I'll be a really happy girl.

Congrats on your PR!