Friday, December 12, 2008

Deadlift Training

The days are still getting shorter... the nights are long and cold. It is hard to feel motivated to do anything other crawl back under the covers and sleep. What can I say... my inner time clock says "time to hibernate". I didn't go to bed early tonight, I went to the gym for deadlift training. Maura was taking a night off of heavy lifting, she busied herself on the hamster wheel (aka treadmill). Chris Joseph was doing some box squats. John Hanson showed up later to join me, and Aaron was spending some time under the bar (pressing) so I wasn't totally on my own. Here is how it went down for me...

Sumo Deadlift
~I was scheduled to go to 245 tonight, but I was feeling greedy... Reps 1 and 2 felt a little heavier than I expected. Reps 3 and 4 flew up, easy. I finished the set feeling good.

Conventional Deadlifts
~Low back training. No belt. Easy, easy, easy.

Good Mornings
~ab training.

I also did some pull-ups and back extension.


PetitePowerlifter said...

Hey, Squat Babe -- that is some great self-motivation and dedication, and the results sound awesome. I am feeling the pain of these winter days and nights, but notice how seriously high you feel after grippin-and rippin? "Greedy", "easy," "feeling good" ...That's what I'm talking about :)

fawn said...

Nothing like a good DL workout to cheer you up! I'm really loving my new "grip and rip" technique.