Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Deadlift Training

Maura is out of town this week visiting her family for the holidays. Aaron and I spent a little time at The Press before going to my mom's house for treats and a holiday visit. I've been gearing up to test my 1RM on the deadlift. Here is how it went down for me...

Sumo Deadlift
~I wasn't sure where I was going to end up... I was planning to pull at least 275lbs, when that went up pretty easily, I decided to give 285lbs a try. The last time I pulled 285lbs was toward the end of May. I missed 286 at Raw Nationals and I missed 290 at Hudson. I have since learned a couple new techniques from Ellen Stein and I have also started taking creatine. One of my new techniques is a "grip and rip" sort of style... the down fall is sometimes I grab the bar unevenly. Not a big deal, as you can see in the second pull on the video. Any way, 285 went up much smoother today than it did in May. Here is something to look at...

Conventional Deadlift off a block
~No belt. Felt easy.

I goofed around with a couple other lifts after that. My energy was low and Aaron was ready to go so we called to quits a little early.


Aaron Friday said...

Sweet deadlifts today, my love. That's the easiest I've seen you pull 285, and you did it twice!

Ellen Stein said...

OK now you're scaring me!!! Don't worry about the uneven grip-bottom line the bar came up easily...eventually your hand placement will become second nature. Your form was absolutely perfect-300 in time for Arnold's is a reality. A 285 lb DL makes a great Xmas present!

Franz Snideman said...

Unreal Fawn! that might be hard for me to get right now!

You are awesome! All I have to say to that is CONGRATULATIONS!!!

300 is just around the cornder for you!!!1

Sean Schniederjan RKC said...

fawn this is awesome!! grip it and rip it seems to suit you well!!

i hope i'm there when you pull 300!

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice PR tie! 300 will be no problem coming up!
Rock on
Mike N

Maura said...

Great work Fawn!! Remember to bench press while I am gone. :)


fawn said...

Thanks for training with me and shooting the video!

My goal is to deadlift just like you. I am going to try for a pr sometime soon... either this week or next week.

Thanks for your kind words... you and Yoana are two of the most supportive people I know. It is no wonder you are such successful coaches.

hopefully deadlift party will resume on Friday... it has been a hectic week for the Fridays household...

I am looking forward to getting back on track. My training schedule has been really goofed up...