Friday, December 5, 2008

Solo Deadlifting

I was on my own for my deadlift workout tonight. Here is how it went down...

Sumo Deadlifts
~I'm at 80% this week, which is easy. Set the Gym Boss for 1.5 minutes to keep me on track. No belt.

Conventional Deadlifts
~Felt good. No belt.

Good Mornings
~Felt it in my abs.


Mike T Nelson said...

Sorry I could not make the DL party. I did sleep for 10.5 hours when I crashed though--ugh.

What is the theory behind the forced rest periods for strength work vs listening/using some biofeedback (HR, RPE, movement, etc)? Just curious

rock on
Mike N

Maura said...

Looks like you had a good workout! We are benching on Sunday at 11:30 again. Fran and Lisa will be there too.


fawn said...

You didn't miss anything... there was no party, just me lifting at 2:30.

Regarding bio feedback...
Heart Rate - doesn't really stay elevated for more than a few seconds.

ROM - This doesn't really work for me because my ROM doesn't change enough to give any feed back.

Muscle Testing - I still don't really understand how this is supposed to work... I like to push past fatigue.

The thing I like about the Gym Boss is that it keeps me on task. The biggest problem I have is getting distracted by other lifters and talking too much between sets. So, I wouldn't call it a forced rest, but more of a reminder to keep me focused.

fawn said...

I think I am going to go yoga this morning... See you tomorrow for squats.

Mike T Nelson said...

Hi there Fawn!

Muscle testing is easy. I normally do a muscle like the deltoid.

1) Deltoid muscle test before lift--should be strong

2) do the lift

3) repeat the muscle test

4) if WEAK--that lift or how it was performed made you WEAKER. This is not good

5) if STRONG--you are probably good to go.

You go to the gym to get stronger, right? So why would you do/perform in a way that makes you WEAKER?

What I've found is that EXCESS tension will normally make you weaker.

Hope that helps!
Mike N

Ellen Stein said...

Why not a longer rest period? You need to replenish your ATP stores when you are going heavy. I rest 3-5 minutes between heavy sets. On the 10-12 singles thogh I only rest a minute. Just a thought....

fawn said...

What is the difference between fatigue and weakness in muscle testing?

fawn said...

I just noticed I goofed up, I did 8 singles at 235lbs. That does not feel heavy to me. I set the Gym Boss so I would get at least 1.5 minutes rest. I probably could have done all 8 reps in one minute if I let myself.

When I go heavy, I rest at least 2 minutes. I lift intuitively... if I feel strong I go, if I feel like I need more rest I take it, if I feel like I need to end training early I stop.

Mike T Nelson said...

If you are using the deltoid for a DL, the deltoid should not see much fatigue after a set of DLs.

If it is weaker, it would indicate that your nervous system did not like something about it (too much tension, bad groove, maybe even the exercise itself). Exercise should make you stronger and increase ROM.

Does that help?
Mike N

Joe Pavel said...

Paul Anderson took a half hour between sets. His squat workouts took three hours. I think the Russians called him the "Wonder of Nature"...
Recovery is the key to strength.

fawn said...

When I am training at max effort I take much more time to recover. The weight I was working at was only 80%... I didn't need much time to recover. The closer I get to my 1RM the more time I will take to recover.