Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Squat PR - finally

Now that I have been training squats pretty hard for the past year, PR's don't come along very often. I finally got a PR on Monday night. Here is how it all went down...

Back Squat
220X2 - PR
~I forgot to use my belt on the 195 double. I didn't even notice until Maura pointed it out. The double on 220 is a PR only by 5lbs., but hey, I will take it where I can get it. Felt easy enough. Here is something to look at...

Romanian Deadlifts
~Used wrist wraps. Felt great.

Bulgarian Split Squats
Double 16kg 5l/5rX5X3
~love this lift...

I also did some ham-glute machine and abs. Can't remember exactly what though...


PetitePowerlifter said...

Looked easy-peasy!! Congratulations on your PR (with squats buried all the way down to China) -- you obviously had more in the tank, too. Very nice job!

Ellen Stein said...

put some weight on the bar will ya?...told you the creatine works...

fawn said...

Thanks Cheryl! I am going to try for a max next week. Hopefully for another PR.

I bench tonight, so hopefully I will make some progress there too. I do feel stronger, thanks for talking me into the creatine.

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work on the PR Fawn! PRs are ALWAYS great! Whoo ha!

Have you played around much with the Z Health/Eric Franklin's bone rhythm work for the femur and ankle? Thoughts?

Rock on
Mike N

fawn said...

I have kept bone rhythm in my thoughts ever since I learned about it. I always watch for my hips and knees to work together. I just took a look at some videos that show my ankles, and they all look like they move together. I will watch for bone rhythm movements.

Maura has perfect bone rhythm. I noticed that right after R-Phase.

Ellen Stein said...

OK do tell-share this bone rhythm thing of which you speak, oh wise one?