Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Squat Training

Anna White joined Maura and me again for some squat training at The Press Gym. Here is how it went down for me...

Back Squat
~I goofed up my lifting schedule... I was only supposed to lift 195 tonight, I am now a week ahead of schedule.

Pause Squats
~Wow, the bar felt really light after squatting 205! Felt Great!

Bulgarian Split Squats
Double 16kg kettlebells, 5l/5rX3
~I love this lift.

Ham-Glute Machine
~this thing is always tough



Melissa Byers said...

I also love Bulgarian split squats, but I have a hard enough time keeping my balance using just body weight! I suspect my stance is off - any tips?

fawn said...

Squatting is my specialty... try this

Lead with your hips, start by shooting your hips back.

Keep your weight on your heal, this will force your hips to move the weight.

Keep your shoulders over your hips... letting your shoulders come forward will put you weight on your toes, then you are doomed... Plus then you will be working your quads (which is fine) but the point of BSS is work you butt.

Let me know how this works for you.
BSS always make my butt scream!

Ellen Stein said...

Hey Fawn,
Great #s on the squats-better to be ahead of schedule than behind I always say!
Do you think you could post a video of your BSS technique? I love BSS too and I just want to make sure I am doing them correctly. I always go deep when I do them to mimic the "hip joint below the knee joint" requirement for squat depth, how about you?

fawn said...

I can't believe how easy 205 felt. Plus, I just got my Creatine Fuel Stack. Maura is going to try it too.

I have never checked my depth on BSS... I will make a video because now I am curious. It would only make sense to move that same ROM.

Ellen Stein said...

Oh God watch out world....wait till the creatine kicks in...be afraid, be very afraid!!! Start with 3 pills a day...you don't need the full dose of 6 and drink lots of water! It should kick in in about a week. Can't believe Maura never tried it...oy vey! She'll be benching 300 lbs!!!

Maura said...

Thanks Ellen! I can't wait to see the effects of the creatine...hopefully!