Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yet Another Squat PR...

I suppose everyone is getting sick of hearing about all my PR's of lately... Well, I have another one! Anna White joined Maura and me for a New Year's Eve workout. Maura was on the bench press and Anna and I did some squats. Here is how it all went down...

Back Squat





250X1 - PR


~I wasn't totally sure what my plan was going to be... if I felt strong I was going to try for another pr. I managed to get a huge energy boost with my super strong lifting partners in the room. Plus there were three out of town powerlifters training in the power room with us. They said there are no "girl powerlifters" at their gym. I decided to take advantage of the three big dudes being there and got a spot for my 250lb attempt. There was a video SNAFU... so only the photo above for evidence.

Front Squats

OH Presses



~Maura was doing them, looked like fun.


Evelyn Rodas said...

No, totally not tired of hearing about your squat PRs at all. You are freakin' amazing! I think back when I first heard of you through Melissa B's blog, she told me that you're like 120# which is pretty damn tiny and really puts it in perspective. Whoa mama!

Jennifer said...

You are KILLING those squats! I love it!

fawn said...

Hey Evelyn!
I haven't had a PR for months! So I am thrilled to get a few. I actually weight about 125lbs now. I compete in the 123's, so I always have to watch my weight.

fawn said...

Thanks Jennifer! What a great way to end 2008! I really want to get a good number at the Arnold. We will see what happens...

KBMarty said...

You should start your own "PR" firm. ;) Nice work, Fawn.

fawn said...

Thanks Marty! After months of no pr's I have to confess, I am pleased to have finally get a few before the end of the year.

Franklin said...

I don't know squat but you certainly do! Nice!!!

fawn said...

I have to say I am feeling pretty good about 250lbs. I hope I can keep up the progress. Thanks for the comment Franklin!

Vicki said...

Interesting to go back and read a post like this.