Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zhinkas and Bench Press

You may know that The Press Gym (where I train) is the Zubaz gym. Owner Dan Stock is a co-founder of the original Zubaz pants from the early 90's. Dan's wife Kim has just come out with the Lady's version of the famed gym pants. They are called Zhinkas. The Zhinka pants come in the signature wild print as well as a more subdued black with print accents. Of course Maura and I had to have a pair. I am wearing the traditional zebra black and white, Maura got the pink pair.

Bench press was on the menu for tonight. Here is how it went down for me...

Bench Press


~My left shoulder started out feeling a little twitchy... but felt better with every set.

Close Grip Bench Press


Face Pulls





Taikei Matsushita said...

Outfits when you get to Arnolds?

fawn said...

How did you guess? Of course we will be showing off our fancy pants at the Arnold!

Melissa Byers said...

Those pants are HOT, and will most certainly add 10# to your deadlift.

KBMarty said...

Loud and proud!

fawn said...

Thanks Melissa!

You know it Marty!