Monday, January 19, 2009

Squat Training

I love squats, almost as much as Maura love bench press. That is probably because it is the only lift that has been going my way lately... Maura and I got our squat training in a little early today thanks to MLK day. We had the chance to train along side of some of the Press Gym lifters we don't usually cross paths with. Mitch Edlestein was squatting some pretty huge weight today. Angela Simmons was doing some front squats. Jo Rivette showed up to do some deadlifting. Here is how it all went down for me...

Back Squat
~Lifting at 11am feels different than lifting at 7pm...

1/4 Squats
~Wow, first time for this lift... these were really difficult. 265 felt oppressive, simply walking out the weight was a real chore. Seriously, walking out the weight was more difficult that the squat. Weird.

Glute-Ham Machine
~I suck at these.

~Kettlebell French Twists 16, 20, 24, 24... Decline bench with a 25lb plate. These are actually getting easier.

Squatting made Maura and I super hungrey! We went to Granite City in Roseville for Bison Burgers. What a great way to spend MLK day!


PetitePowerlifter said...

Well, Squat Stud/Babe, SOMEONE among us needs to love squats! With your love for squats, Maura's for bench and mine for deads, there is more than enough love to go around.

I just don't know why those folks taking tours of the power room always seem to turn and go off in the other direction...?! ;)

I heard all about Mitch's training over post-lifting lunch today (Chipotle = excellent post-lifting sustenance). He is capable of more! He mentioned you took a picture of his squat today -- thanks!

So true about having others help you and support you in your lifting. Mike and Jane Siegler fortunately came in and helped me squat yesterday so that Mitch and I could "practice" for Miami. They made a big difference.

Thank you so much for showing me how you do your rack pulls, Strong Lady!

Aaron Friday said...

I saw a real nice picture of Mitch today.

Maura said...

That was a great way to spend MLK Day! Good job Fawn! Your squats looked awesome as usual.

Cheryl is right - between the three of us we have more than enough love to go around for all three lifts! Hmmm - if only we could all pick up from each others strengths! We would all be unstoppable!

PetitePowerlifter said...

Uhhh, I don't think Mitch knew about that one, Aaron...

Believe me, I've spent dang-near an hour (in South Beach, even) looking for something better for him to sport. But that's a story for another day. I assure you, I did not give up, so he does have black ones that he wears on occasion.

Thanks for sending that, Fawn... LOLOLOL

Maura, you'd have to ask Dan if that would be good for business... (I mean about the power room not sending folks running... not about the picture/unmentionables... LOLOLOL...)

Aaron Friday said...

Cheryl, men don't care about that stuff. Whatever it is, that's just what it is. Wearing black wouldn't make it any less funny.

PetitePowerlifter said...

I *have* heard that you do, in fact, have an opinion of what color you think all men's underwear should be ;) However, I will now refrain from turning this into the Men's Finer Underwear Blog / Discussion Forum.

fawn said...

You crack me up! LOL!

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