Friday, January 30, 2009

Squat Training

I know, it is supposed to be deadlift night. Maura and I are going to Wisconsin on Monday (squat day) to see a certain local lifter for some work on our deadlift. We decided to swap our training days around. Monday will be deads until the Arnold, that means Friday's are squat days now.

The usual crowd showed up for a gym night. Aaron joined us. Russ and Jesse were there. John Hanson, Mad and Keith were lifting tonight. I have a 5:30pm kettlebell class. I warmed up with some snatches, bear crawls and double clean and press. Here is how it went down in the power room...

Back Squat
~ First time to rep 225. I am surprised how easy these felt tonight.

Box Squats with Bands
45+ Bands X 5
95+ Bands X 3
105+ Bands X 3X8
~Tough, but doable.



Maura said...

The reps of 225 looked great! Good work!!


KBMarty said...

Congrats on the 225, pretty soon you could squat me. lol

fawn said...

I have a good feeling about our squat progress this year!

I bet I can squat you! I am feeling strong in the squat these days!

Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks for the updates Fawn. Too bad I missed DL er squat night.

Let us know how the DL session goes.

Rock on
Mike N