Monday, February 16, 2009

From Wisconsin with Love...

Maura and I took another trip out to Wisconsin for a deadlift lesson with Shawn Cain. We trained in Jeff Tarmin's basement, a very nice home gym with everything a serious lifter would need. Plus a couch for lounging between lifts. It was a real treat for us, which is saying a lot because The Press Gym is a very nice gym. There is something special about a home gym.

I had another amazing deadlift session under the watchful eye of Shawn Cain. His direction is easy for me to understand and I work well with his cues. Here is how it all went down for me...

Sumo Deadlift




300X1 - Went up ugly... bad start, goofed up grip.
305X1 -
PR by 5 lbs. Prettiest of the 300's
- PR. First time I ever struggled in the least to lock out a lift. I wanted to stand there an hold it for a while. Shawn had to tell me to put the bar down. LOL! A video for your viewing pleasure...

I always knew sumo deadlifting was a technique driven lift,
here is the much prettier 305lbs. which went up after a very ugly 300lbs. LOL!

John Hanson took us out for Bison Burgers, at Barker's in Hudson Wisconsin. They tasted great after pulling a pr.

Well, I put 30lbs on my deadlift in two weeks with some coaching from Shawn Cain. That is an amazing feeling. Shawn is convinced I have another 10lbs in me right now. Having a (or a few) good coach is invaluable. Hands on guidance is exactly what I needed.


Aaron Friday said...

Babes, you're a stud. That's great lifting. It surprised me.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Bison burger, tastes like beef ?

Steve Reishus said...

That is huge! Nice PR Fawn. Yea, you've got good coaching, but you've got some sick talent as well. Congratulations.

KBMarty said...

Congrats, Fawn!

Ellen Stein said...

Yeah baby! Rock solid! yeah the 315looked tough but that's what a real 1RM is supposed to look and feel like!

Evelyn said...

I love the look of intensity on your face! I have to know, what % of bodyweight is that DL pr? It's got to be close to 250%. Yeowza.

fawn said...

The only thing missing from my 315 pull was your presents... You shouldn't have been surprised. I told you I was going to pull 315 two weeks ago.

Bison is a lot like beef, only more lean and a bigger flavor. Barker's actually own a bison ranch where the meat comes from. We will have bison the next time you visit.

Thanks! I've been chasing 315 for a long time.

Thanks for the comment... it is always nice to see messages from you.

I didn't get a perfect start on that pull. I haven't quiet mastered the grip and rip technique.

I weigh about 124.5 most days... so almost exactly 2.5 times my body weight. That pull was challenging, thus the look on my face! There was no way I was going to lose it! I know 315 sounds like a lot, but there are women in my weight class (123lbs) who pull 350 plus! I am surrounded by super strong people... It's an inspiration!

Jim Ryan DC, RKC, RI said...

Fawn, Wow! Where will you stop? You are truly a phenom...keep up the good work and keep having fun with it!

Anna White said...


fawn said...

Thanks Jim! I am having a lot more fun with PLing than I thought possible!

Anna, You and Tammy will have to come train with us at the Press sometime soon. I will show you all the cool new stuff I learned.

Evelyn said...

That's what I thought. Melissa Byers mentioned it when I first saw your crazy db kb sots. She said, "And she's only this big!" Well, that's not exactly what she said. You, Ms. Friday are an inspiration. WOW! Thank you.

Anna White said...

Yes we will :) I could use A LOT of help on my deadlift! You are the greatest!

Franklin said...

I am extremely happy to see you continue to move ahead with your deads.

You worked so darned hard and rightfully earned the fruits of your labor .. and sweeter they are for all your intense efforts invested.

To 315+ and beyond!

Mike T Nelson said...

Excellent work Fawn!!! Way to go!!

Yes, having a great coach is ESSENTIAL to reach your peak. This goes for ANYONE. Ask any great athlete who there coach is and very rarely (if ever) do you here "coach? I don't have one"

Rock on
Mike T Nelson

Franz Snideman said...

Fawn, congratulations!!! You are officially a MUTANT!

I am married to a total mutant (Yoana)! And now Aaron is married to a total mutant (FAWN).


fawn said...

Thanks! I did work hard and I feel like there is plenty more to come.

fawn said...

Being compared to Yoana is the highest compliment. Thank you!

I have been very fortunate in the great coaching department.