Friday, February 20, 2009

Snow and Squats on Friday

No Maura thanks to a very snowy night. The whole gym was pretty quiet actually. It was Aaron and me in the power room tonight. This is the last heavy squat day before the Arnold. I am always sad when the squat workout is over, especially right before a meet. Here is how it all went down for me...

Back Squat
~The first set of 225 I went really deep and it was some effort to get back up. Second set I videoed and it looked a little high (after I had a look at it at home, depth looked fine). I decided to deviate from the plan and throw in a third set, depth actually sucked.

Pause Squats
~I have really grown to love this lift. These felt really great. I was happy to end on a strong note.

No Maura = no abs.
~Actually I worked out with my kb class tonight. We did some doubles work and bear crawls which is pretty ab intense.

I have noticed I simply don't have the energy for squats on Friday that I did when we trained on Monday. I don't work very hard on Fridays, so no excuse there. Recovery must be very important.


Ellen Stein said...

Believe it or not you have not recovered yet from Monday's heavy deadlift...welcome to the big leagues-big weights = more recovery time! Rest up now for your last pull on Monday and then rest up even more before the Arnold. Don't beat yourself up about today's workout.

fawn said...

Thanks Ellen. It was really nice talking to you today. Thanks again for all the advice. Rest up I will.

Melanie said...

And now we aren't too far away from the snow coming back..