Monday, March 23, 2009

Squat Training

I got to try out my brand new squat shoes tonight. It was pretty exciting... I was joined by Maura and Aaron. Here is how it all went down for me tonight...

Back Squat




~felt great, I think it was the shoes.

Box Squats with Bands

Bands give about 70lbs at the top

~I love this lift.



Ab roll outs



Ellen Stein said...

Cool shoes! That plus your Rehbands and you're good to go!

Marty said...

Fawn, I was thinking of picking up some converse high tops for when I lift. Would you recommend those? Thanks.

fawn said...

They are cool looking shoes! I am loving the Rehbands, they keep my knees toasty!

Rif turned me on to using weightlifting shoes. I never thought I needed them because I have great flexibility. I will say this, if you are getting serious about squatting or overhead pressing, weightlifting shoes make a really big difference. The heal and sole construction give you a ton of support and better leverage.

Chucks are great for the other lifts (deadlifting, bench, etc). I would recommend NOT getting the high tops, you want to keep your ankle mobile. Or maybe just don't lace up the top part.

Marty said...

Good info, Fawn. I'll look into some WL shoes.


Anna White said...

Cool! We will match! :) I got 200 for 5 sets of 3 yesterday & it felt great! I might make a trip up to The Press next week...squats on Mondays again?

fawn said...

Nice job on the Squats Anna! Squats are on Mondays again, we would love to see you!

Franz Snideman said...

Sweet Shoes! I need to get me some shoes like that :)

fawn said...

They are totally worth it!

Anonymous said...

You might also try checking out for some insight into each brand and model before purchasing. The biggest complaint you find about buying lifting shoes in not being to try them on at a store. Doing some research on what others have said about fit and sizing might help!

Edgar@Garagegymplanner said...

These shoes will be the perfect for Squat Training.