Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bench Press

I spent some time with my mom and sister this morning in honor of Mother's Day, then off to the gym to train some bench press. Here is how it all went down for me...

Bench Press
~At the RKC in April Pavel took some time to help me work on lat activation to help out my pathetic bench press. I felt honored to have had some personal attention from the Chief Instructor himself in an effort to fix my weakest lift.

BW X 3
10lbs X 3
15 X 2
20 X 1
25 X 1
20 X 1
20 X 1
15X 1

DB Skull Crushers
18lbs X 8
20lbs X8
25lbs X 3
20lbs X8
25lbs X 3
20lbs X 8

Face Pulls


Mike T Nelson said...

What did Pavel have you do for lat activation? Did it help?

Are you doing the USAPL meet in Duluth?

Rock on!
Mike N

fawn said...

Pavel had me change the bar placement in the "start" position. He also slightly changed the bar path. Yes, it was very effective, he patiently worked with me until I got it.

I am thinking about doing the USAPL Twin Ports Meet... not sure yet.