Monday, May 4, 2009

Two weeks off!

Well, that felt weird.... For the past two years I have been training kettlebells full tilt boogie. For the past year and a half I have also been training powerlifting with hardly a break at all. My last workout was April 19, a squat workout with Ellen Stein after assisting at the RKC.

Today I broke my training fast with a squat workout. Here is how it all went down...

Back Squats
~High volume for me!

Front Squats

Double 12kgs 5X3

Ham-Glute Machine


Ellen Stein said...

what the heck is a BSS? I can hardly wait to break my powerlifting fast this weekend! I feel weak as a newborn puppy right now...

fawn said...

BSS= Bulgarian Split Squat. Love them. However, my butt and legs are so sore today... yikes!

Mike T Nelson said...

Welcome back Fawn!

I heard the RKC went well.

Will you be helping at the June RKC? I will be there.

Rock on
Mike T Nelson

fawn said...

Thanks Mike! I am so happy to be training again, I really missed it!
I won't be helping at the June RKC... but I will probably show up for the graduation workout.