Monday, June 22, 2009

Week of Rest

Even though I haven't been a good blogger, I have been training for a powerlifting meet. I have been trying to put all my programing research to use. I made a spread sheet based on percentages, factored in rest, reps, and assistance work. I had to make a few adjustments, but stuck to the plan for the most part.

The most difficult part for me is trusting the program, waiting until the meet to test a 1RM. I like to KNOW I can make the lift before I try it in a meet, but that isn't how it works. You are not supposed to test your lifts before you try them in a meet. In fact, you aren't really supposed to lift more than 90% of your 1RM in training.

Right now I am supposed to be resting and getting ready for the meet. Because I teach kettlebell classes, I have to do a few swings, snatches, cleans and squats everyday, but I am keeping the weight low, and trying to back off a little. Everyone has to move, and kettlebell movement is normal everyday activity for me, so that shouldn't interfere with my preformence at the meet.

Goals for this meet; getting more comfortable in competition. I am what you call a "gym lifter". That is someone who does better in the gym than in a meet, that is no good. I'm not a natural preformer, I have to practice competing to get better at it. This will be meet number 5. After competing at The Arnold, the little Duluth meet should be cake...


Ellen Stein said...

You will smoke those weights this weekend-stick to the plan!!!

fawn said...

Thanks Ellen!
I will keep you posted about the meet.