Saturday, September 19, 2009

TCO Powerlifting Meet

Here is how it all went down...

Getting into my weight class was a breeze! Again, I stuck close to my weight class, so I didn't have much to cut. I was constantly weighing in at 125lbs for the past week. That is less than 2lbs from the weight class I compete in; 56kg or 123.2lbs. I weighed 123 exactly last night right before bed time, and weighed in at 121.7 this morning at the meet. I had a calm, relaxing day on Friday. My BFF Tracy Reifkind is in town visiting this weekend, we had time to visit and ate lunch together. I slept well and felt really good when I woke up. I had a ton of snacks packed, weigh-ins and equipment check went smoothly.

Best of all I had Aaron by my side. The last meet I did 3 months ago I was on my own. It is very nice to have someone running numbers, timing my warm-ups, and generally watching over my well-being. Having him along at meets is a real luxury!

*Squat - I started warming up at 9am, lifting started almost on time at 9:35. Warm-up went exactly as planned. I smoked 220lbs, my first attempt. I smoked 237lbs. My third attempt 253 never came up. I went down, came up about 1/4 of the way, then crumbled like a sand castle. I'm not sure what happened.

*Bench Press - Warm-ups went well. 105 went up easy. 115lbs got one red light from a side judge for a "belly bench". This was pure BS. I had a chalk line from the bar on my singlet that was clearly on my sternum, which I pointed out the red lighting judge, it didn't make any difference, the lift was good with 2 white lights. I guess the red light shook me up a little because I missed 121lbs. I missed it because I brought the bar too high and was out of my usual groove. Mental note; don't change your groove to make one fussy judge happy. This would have been a white light anywhere else including National Meets. Sometimes judges are wrong and you still have to live with it.

The bad news is I am feeling discouraged because I am having a terrible meet. So far I have no squat pr and I couldn't even tie my last pr on the bench press from 3 months ago. Good news is I haven't lifted anything heavy yet, so I should have a ton of energy left over for the Deadlift.

*Deadlift - This is usually where I crash. Today, my energy is good despite feeling extremely disappointed with how things have been going. My last warm up at 260 felt heavy and my back is now starting to tighten up. I opened at 281lbs, which flew up and felt better than 260. My second attempt of 303lbs. went up alright, but felt like a challenge. I may have missed my groove a little. My third attempt 314 simply stuck to the floor.

As you can imagine I am extremely disappointed with every lift. I don't really know what went wrong. I felt like I had a good training cycle, plenty of rest before hand and a good plan for the meet itself. At least I got all my second attempts this time, I have had meets where the only lift I get is the opener. I would have to say the only meet that went worse than this one was Raw Nationals. There is another meet in 6 weeks, back to the drawing board, blow it up and start over with a new plan.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Training Up-date

No new messages posted lately, but I have been training hard. Lots of changes for me this training cycle. The meet I am preparing for is the Twin Cities Open, September 19. Here are some highlights...

Probably the biggest change for me was training time. Business has picked up for me and I have been working early in the morning, I needed to start training during the day instead of at night. This meant not training with my long time training partner; Bench Press Champion Maura Shuttleworth. The good news is I had a lot more energy in the morning, bad news is training without Maura is lonely.

I have been getting some direct coaching from Matt Gary of Supreme Sports Performance and Training. Matt has me using the Conjugate Method. Mark Reifkind suggested this method way back when I first started messing around with powerlifting. I was simply overwhelmed, I didn't really "get" how the Conjugate Method worked. I needed someone to spell out exactly what I needed to do, and that is what Matt did. Training under the guidance of a coach is invaluable! I have learned more from the coaching I get powerlifting than I can express. I used pistols as one of my conjugate exercises. It's one of my "show off" moves, I eventually worked up to 28kg X 2/2.

Bench Press - Still a weak lift for me and challenge. Getting tight and staying tight is what I am trying to focus on.

Squat - Going well! I like this lift and Matt has me doing a much different volume/weight scheme. Here is a video for your viewing pleasure...

Deadlift - I will be deadlifting heavy for the last time before the meet on Monday. Deadlift is a hit and miss lift for me. My best pull is 315lbs, done in Tarman's basement. My best meet pull is 308lbs done at the ASF in March, I missed 319lbs. I had an extremely disappointing pull in June at the TPO meet. So, who knows, hopefully things go better this time.