Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hudson Natural Open Powerlifting Meet

Finally, a decent meet. Here is how it all went down...

*Preparation - I trained a lot less hard for this meet than I did for the last one. I trained so hard and was so attached to doing well at the TCO, when I missed all my 3rd attempts I was crushed. I pouted like a jilted teenager for almost a week. Doing the Hudson meet was like getting back on a horse after being thrown to the ground. I was scared, I didn't really want to do it, but I knew I had to. I already gained a lot of strength training for the TCO with Matt Gary's program, all I had to do was maintain, so I took it pretty easy.

*Making Weight - This time I let myself gain more than I usually do. Last meet I was vigilant about sticking close to 123lbs. I let myself get up to 128lbs this time. In fact, I was weighing 128lbs on Monday, that is almost 5 pounds over my weight class of 123.2. I really had to cut weight hard this time. Anyone who thinks weight doesn't make a difference in strength, try cutting weight or try staying 5-8lbs below your "comfort" zone. Weighing more makes you stronger. I just barely made weight this time, I was actually weighed in at 123.4 this morning, I had to spit, sweat and pee out .2 pounds then weigh in again. Last meet I weighed in at 121.5, almost 2 pounds heavier this time. Two pounds make a difference.

*Squat - My plan was to go for the numbers I missed last meet. I opened with 230lbs, a little heavier than I would have liked to open with, but I wanted to keep my jumps small. Three white lights, easy lift, even one of the judges commented on my great form. Second attempt was 245lbs, I was feeling nervous because of the debacle from TCO, my form wasn't as pretty, but it went up easy. Third attempts was 255lbs., I was feeling pretty nervous, and again my knees rolled in a little, but the weight still went up with hardly a sticky point at all. 255 was a pr!

*Bench Press - My nemesis... I just don't understand how I can press a 53lb kettlebell anytime I want, but still cannot bench press my body weight. I even got some coaching from Angela Simmons. I opened with 105lbs... easy. Second attempt was 115lbs. moved slower, but went up no problem. Third attempt - 120lbs; got stuck 1/2 way up and failed. I nailed 121lbs at the Twin Ports Meet in June, but have not put up 120 since... I am really sick of sucking at the bench press. My yoga teacher William would say I am lucky, the bench press is my guru and I will learn by having such a profound weakness to work on.

*Deadlift - My most unpredictable and frustrating lift. Last year at the Hudson meet I pulled 280lbs, but missed 290lbs. I got some coaching from Shawn Cain in preparation for the Arnold Sports Festival back in February. Shawn fixed my form and I ended up pulling 315lbs at his gym. Since then I have competed in 3 meets, my best pulls were; ASF - 308lbs (missed 319), TPO - 281lbs (missed 303 and 308), TCO - 303 (missed 314). So, finally it is official, I can pull 315lbs in a meet. I think I even shouted FINALLY after I put the bar down.

Summery - I do not like to compete. I like doing well in competition, but preparing for a meet sucks, I had nightmares about missing weigh-ins all night. I don't like taking a week off, I don't like scaling back on my kettlebell training, I don't like worrying about my weight. Mark Reifkind has given me a ton of help training for powerlifting, we both agree that meets get in the way of our training, which is the fun part. I actually decided to not go to the Arnold this year. I learned that competition is stressful, I am going to have to limit the number of meets I do.