Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hudson Natural Open Powerlifting Meet

Finally, a decent meet. Here is how it all went down...

*Preparation - I trained a lot less hard for this meet than I did for the last one. I trained so hard and was so attached to doing well at the TCO, when I missed all my 3rd attempts I was crushed. I pouted like a jilted teenager for almost a week. Doing the Hudson meet was like getting back on a horse after being thrown to the ground. I was scared, I didn't really want to do it, but I knew I had to. I already gained a lot of strength training for the TCO with Matt Gary's program, all I had to do was maintain, so I took it pretty easy.

*Making Weight - This time I let myself gain more than I usually do. Last meet I was vigilant about sticking close to 123lbs. I let myself get up to 128lbs this time. In fact, I was weighing 128lbs on Monday, that is almost 5 pounds over my weight class of 123.2. I really had to cut weight hard this time. Anyone who thinks weight doesn't make a difference in strength, try cutting weight or try staying 5-8lbs below your "comfort" zone. Weighing more makes you stronger. I just barely made weight this time, I was actually weighed in at 123.4 this morning, I had to spit, sweat and pee out .2 pounds then weigh in again. Last meet I weighed in at 121.5, almost 2 pounds heavier this time. Two pounds make a difference.

*Squat - My plan was to go for the numbers I missed last meet. I opened with 230lbs, a little heavier than I would have liked to open with, but I wanted to keep my jumps small. Three white lights, easy lift, even one of the judges commented on my great form. Second attempt was 245lbs, I was feeling nervous because of the debacle from TCO, my form wasn't as pretty, but it went up easy. Third attempts was 255lbs., I was feeling pretty nervous, and again my knees rolled in a little, but the weight still went up with hardly a sticky point at all. 255 was a pr!

*Bench Press - My nemesis... I just don't understand how I can press a 53lb kettlebell anytime I want, but still cannot bench press my body weight. I even got some coaching from Angela Simmons. I opened with 105lbs... easy. Second attempt was 115lbs. moved slower, but went up no problem. Third attempt - 120lbs; got stuck 1/2 way up and failed. I nailed 121lbs at the Twin Ports Meet in June, but have not put up 120 since... I am really sick of sucking at the bench press. My yoga teacher William would say I am lucky, the bench press is my guru and I will learn by having such a profound weakness to work on.

*Deadlift - My most unpredictable and frustrating lift. Last year at the Hudson meet I pulled 280lbs, but missed 290lbs. I got some coaching from Shawn Cain in preparation for the Arnold Sports Festival back in February. Shawn fixed my form and I ended up pulling 315lbs at his gym. Since then I have competed in 3 meets, my best pulls were; ASF - 308lbs (missed 319), TPO - 281lbs (missed 303 and 308), TCO - 303 (missed 314). So, finally it is official, I can pull 315lbs in a meet. I think I even shouted FINALLY after I put the bar down.

Summery - I do not like to compete. I like doing well in competition, but preparing for a meet sucks, I had nightmares about missing weigh-ins all night. I don't like taking a week off, I don't like scaling back on my kettlebell training, I don't like worrying about my weight. Mark Reifkind has given me a ton of help training for powerlifting, we both agree that meets get in the way of our training, which is the fun part. I actually decided to not go to the Arnold this year. I learned that competition is stressful, I am going to have to limit the number of meets I do.


Steve Reishus said...

Great job yesterday! It was awesome to see you pull that 315 dead!

Taikei Matsushita said...

Nice Fawn!

My experience with football (American) for 16 years, 95% have been frustration. I think that's the nature of competition.

Aaron setting any training goals these days? Hope I don't find him turn mellow next time we meet.

PetitePowerlifter said...

CONGRATS on nailing your squat and deadlift PRs, Fawn!!! I am so proud of you, lady! That was more than "decent" -- your determination brought you what you have worked hard for. You knew you had those in you, and you took them. It is hard to have a perfect meet (where you are hitting all your goals); for me, it took years of wondering if I would ever have one. Mitch has been lifting nearly 3 decades (did I just make him sound aged, or what?) and still has to deal with disappointments and the unexpected, try figure out what works and what doesn't in different situations, etc. Now I have to work hard to gain back what I have lost and overcome setbacks, in terms of training. You have been training diligently and are always dedicated. Once you set your eyes on something you want to achieve, never, ever give up, and keep training hard for WHATEVER you set your mind and hands to -- powerlifting or anything else!! Congrats again for kickin' those numbers to the curb!! I knew you could!!

Vicki said...

Well done on the meet. It takes courage especially when you find the whole experience stressful.

fawn said...

Steve, That 315 deadlift has been haunting me for 8 months. It felt great to finally nail it! Nice seeing you in action too!

Taikei, I don't have any experience of competition so I am learning this all for the first time. Frustration must be normal, sometimes you have a victory, then back to more frustration. Does that sound right?

Cheryl, You are an animal! You are the poster child example for mental focus. Thank you for all your encouragement. This meet felt really good!

Vicki, I know I am a better person for competing. Doing well is so much fun! Failing feels awful. I have to learn to be detached...

Mike T Nelson said...

Great work on the 315 DL Fawn! Onward and upward and 315 is defeated. Nice!! I know tons of guys that don't pull that kind of weight.

Too bad I could not make it out to the meet (silly dissertation), but to all that competed, my hats off to you and them. Many talk, few step up and compete.

I don't have tons of experience from PL meets by any stretch of the imagination (done 3 total and a bunch of TSCs), but during the last meet I signed up on a Tues and did the meet for the fun of it that Sat. I realized as I made my last DL that I was calm most of the day and it was actually FUN!

Yeah, frustration is part of the deal at times; but I realized that I was missing FUN in my first two meets. I will save you the long neurologic explanation for this, but this was a huge revelation for me. Seems so simple.

I realized for myself that I was doing it to have fun and push myself. Relax, have fun, and hit your numbers (way easier said than done for sure).

I know you will hit your numbers next time for sure!!

Rock on
Mike T Nelson
Extreme Human Performance

Taikei Matsushita said...

Sounds right. Joy of victory is temporary and you look ahead having lots of things to accomplish. You're on track Fawn.

MAD said...


You did awesome. Look forward helping you out for the RUM event. Still not sure if I am going yet, but I am there to help you as needed. Onward to the next event.

Boris said...

Congratulations! I like your yoga teacher's view - weeds make great mulch for flowers.

Anna White said...


It was really fun to watch you nail those numbers that you've been working towards for so long! Great work! :)


fawn said...

Mike, Missing lifts is not fun for me, I've noticed I have a lot more fun when I do well, lol!

Mad, Thanks for spotting me at The Press! It is a big confidence builder to know there is someone behind me who could lift me and the bar back to the rack if something went wrong.

Boris, I like the way you think. It was so nice to meet you in person.

Anna, the worst thing about competing is I can only think about myself, I didn't get to see you lift at all! I've got some video, which I will forward. Thank god for modern technology!

Gubernatrix said...

Great numbers - well done! Your squat is awesome.