Thursday, November 19, 2009

Make Training Fun

I usually have all my training planned out weeks in advance. I have always had a "plan" but with my new interest in competitive powerlifting I have to be precise. I am usually on the verge of being over trained so it is important to stick to the plan. As my BFF Ellen Stein says "There is a reason behind every pound, every set and every rep... that's why I am a six time world champion and you all are injured".

When I saw on Randy Hauer's FB Page he was planning on doing a workout consisting of double snatch, overhead squat and sots press, I felt jealous! I haven't done a Sots press in months... I never practice them. I can't remember when I last did double snatches or double overhead squats. I certainly don't practice them either, but I wish I did. The problem is I have too many other weakness that I need to work on for powerlifting.

Squats were on the schedule for today. After training my competition squat at 80% and doing RDLs I was supposed to do Ham-Glute machine, abs and push-ups. I decided to stray from my training schedule... I gave the double swing, snatch, overhead squat and sots press a try.

I started light, double 8's, super easy. Double 10's, easy, double 12's, easy! Then I grabbed the 14kg, I was amazed I could actually get 5 reps in! Then I gave the 16kg a try, I managed to get 3 reps in before my form started to go. I had a great time trying something different. Don't forget to try something fun in your training!


Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read the blog. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

Mark Reifkind said...

don't beat yourself up so much fawn. one only has so much energy to put into really being their best at anything.we can't do're doing great!

fawn said...

Thanks Mark. I am looking forward to taking some time off from competition. Maybe I will finally get my bench press in-order, lol.

Vicki said...

It does look like fun :)

mc said...

ok so i just tried this and was completely humbled by it: getting up with the double press from the squat - good grief that was a surprise.

Fawn, you rock.