Sunday, July 18, 2010

What I have been up to....

Long time, no post. I quit blogging for a while because nothing exciting was going on in my life of strength after competing in the Raw Unity Meet. I decided to take some time off from competition because of meet burnout. Plus, my kettlebell training business starting getting much busier, which left me fried by the time I got home. The truth is there was some excitement in the past few months. Here is how the past six months went down...

March 2010 - Mid February I found out my beloved Press Gym was going to be sold or close for good. I got a two week notice that my kettlebell home base was going to have to move. Yikes! Lucky for me only three weeks prior Kate Klaers of the Athlete Lab Crossfit Gym called to discuss the possibility of combining forces. We met, I got to check out her totally awesome gym (complete with a pull-up jungle gym, bumper plates, med balls, etc.). It was love at first sight, but I really had no reason to move away from the Press Gym. Then Dan gave me the news about the Press closing. It was bitter sweet... I was going to leave my first love (the press gym) for somewhere new and exciting. With help from one of my favorite students, I packed up my kettlebell collection and moved a mile north to The Athlete Lab. What a great fit! I love having someone like Kate to collaborate with and the space is perfect. I even participate in Kate's CrossFit classes once a week. Life is good.

June 2010 - Olympic lifting class with coach Mike Burgener. I have always wanted to learn olympic weight lifting, but I always felt like I needed a coach to give me some guidance. Olympic lifting is very technical. Contrary to what most people think, I am not terribly coordinated. When I found out Kate was hosting a CrossFit Olympic lifting cert I was on it! I was probably the least experienced (with o-lifting) person in the group, which means I probably sucked the most. I didn't care, I was going to learn how to hurl barbells over my head! How cool is that? Here is a video of training the snatch with Kate Klaers. It is only a couple days after the Oly Cert, so I am very new the this lift. My biggest problem is how slow I am. Someone said I look like a ballerina with a barbell, lol!

July 2010 - RKC 2. I never had any real desire to go to RKC 2, but when my BFF Tracy Reifkind told me she had signed up to get her RKC 2 here in St. Paul, suddenly the idea of RKC 2 was much more appealing. It's always more fun to suffer through with a friend than alone. Plus, I like to discuss my experience with someone going through the same thing. Analyzing what I learn makes the learning stick better. Thanks to very good coaching I passed the RKC 2 requirements. More on this latter.

Future Plans - I took the summer off from competition. I even missed a few training days, which felt weird. I learned some new movements. Starting in August I will be training for the Hudson Natural Open Powerlifting meet. Even though I don't really care to compete, preparing for a meet keeps me honest and focused. I like structure in my training. I'm back on the blog.