Thursday, September 30, 2010

Training and Learning

After competing at the Raw Unity Meet in January I planned on taking some time away from powerlifting to regroup, balance out, and work on my bench press. I continued to train and work the percentages like usual. I added in one day a week of Olympic weightlifting, I worked on stretching and mobility. I added more yoga asana, actual yoga postures, different from stretch and mobility work. I also added more fun to my life, which meant actually skipping training to have fun with family and friends. This all seamed to work out pretty well. I pulled an easy 325lbs back in April, knowing I wouldn't have another heavy deadlift until the Hudson meet. Something for your viewing pleasure...

Now I am back to a (mostly) strict training schedule. Training has been going well. I had a brief training scare a few weeks ago in the form of an extremely terrible training week. Everything felt heavy, I struggled to pull 300lbs for a single, where only a couple months before I was pulling 300lbs for 3 sets of 2. I missed a squat at 240lbs... I was actually considering not competing at Hudson. I wondered if maybe I should schedule a full body scan, I wondered if I had cancer.

Lucky for me I have lots of good experienced people around me to give advice. I called Mark Reifkind right away, he suggested doing some speed work. Brenda Gnerrie told me I was probably over trained. I felt over trained, but I didn't see how that could be. I wasn't doing anything all that different.

After taking their advice, doing some speed work, lifting smaller loads, less kettlebell work, and a restful weekend, I had an excellent training day on Monday. My scheduled working weight was supposed to be 4 sets of 2 at 225lbs. The bar felt so light I had to double check the weight on it. I threw in a 5th set just because I didn't feel like I really did anything. Here is what it looked like...

The changes I made in my training were small, but they made a huge difference! A month ago I was struggling with 215lbs!